I am Toaw. In the Beginning there was nothing before the great one came and created human beings and us Gods. Between those two a bond was created by the great one where one could not live without the other Man and God linked through means that even we Gods do not understand. With all of our power we couldn’t understand why but through past conflicts between other gods we learn of this fact, the hard way. It took many centuries and battles before we learned this.

     Even as man has forgotten us in the times of old we have watched and influenced the human race. Although in some way we are linked, man and God we are like one another.

     Just as you ponder if you are alone in the universe we too ask these Questions. Are there other Gods beyond the great void? Are they different from us? Are they the same as us? What would they be like if they were to come to us? We would find out one day all to soon...

     In the year 2025 an unknown enemy came to our home. It would seem as if it came as a test of strength for us. In the human world their children had followed them to earth. At first the welcomed this unknown one, we were delighted to know that we weren’t alone and that there were others like us in the great void. As we greeted the strange one, foolishly with open arms, it attacked. With such ferocity and power the likes we’ve never seen before. I would have hated to see if there were more of them.

     At first the elders encountered the unknown one and they we’re slaughtered. One by one we fell as trees do in the forest they were cut down one by one. On earth the same fate befell our children of the earth, to the unknown one’s followers. I being the last of the earth born gods and the weakest at the time could do nothing but watch, as we slowly became an extinct race. The Last remaining powers of the last of the gods was used to break the barriers of time and space to send me back in time.

     I arrived on this earth like a fallen star to the mortal plane. Here I would have to stay without the help of my fellow gods. I would have to walk amongst the children of the earth doing my best not to influence the time line to much to prepare myself and my children for the coming battle. For 500 years I have meditated and formulated a way to empower myself and the children of earth to fight. But in order to strengthen my self I would need to strengthen the whole human race. Then I had an insight to the problem and the answer was right in front of me.

     What the human race doesn’t know is that they have unlimited potential. The power they have sleeping inside them cannot wait another ten thousand years before they realize their real power. On earth there are a small number of humans that have the potential to reach this power but with the right guidance there is hope for the human race.

     The first that I have chosen is a young monk named Bodhidharma. He has good potential. He is the one t o begin spreading the knowledge to the people of earth. So now I have begun the role as teacher to some and god to others but in the end this knowledge must be shown to others. For now I will spread the seeds of knowledge to my children of the earth and when the nightmare comes I will hand pick my chosen warriors for the future, in hopes that my gamble will pay off. So work hard my children and push yourself to the limits because it might be you who are the chosen to save our beloved world from the future apocalypse.